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Hi Esther,   I just wanted to let you know that the earrings that I ordered from you arrived this morning beautifully packaged and in perfect condition.   They are actually the second pair of these earrings that I've owned, I recently lost one of the first pair on a trip to visit my family in the UK - they are my favourite earrings and go everywhere with me! It probably sounds a little silly but it makes me smile to think that Aurora is dancing somewhere in the ancient city of York, a place that rarely gets to see the Northern lights. It's my plan to turn the survivor of that pair into a pendent to match these new earrings. Thank you for including safety backs with this order, it will make them that much more difficult to lose.   Thank you!

Michelle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Esther,   Great news! I had given my mother that dragonfly necklace a number of years ago. Last year she lost it and was heartbroken since she calls the dragonfly her totem. She retraced her steps and searched for ages but to no avail.... So these are a surprise for Christmas I'm really excited! Your work is so lovely! Thanks for making Xmas shopping easier :)

Emma, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

I purchased the dragonfly earrings created by you on a recent road trip from Minnesota through Yukon Territory and Alaska. I was drawn to these earrings for their beauty and uniqueness but also by your description of your connection to dragonflies. We live on a ridge looking over a small lake here in Minnesota and experience the same performances as you describe. I also want you to know that we fell in love with the Yukon. Such a beautiful territory! Every time I wear my earrings I think of the joy we experience while traveling through. Many thanks...

Victoria, Minnesota, USA

This Christmas, my sister Diane gifted me with one of your Grizzly Cub necklaces. She knows I am a huge fan of bears and that I travel each year to Stewart, BC for the Bear Festival. This year in August, I was very fortunate to watch a 300 lb Grizzly feed in Fish Creek near Hyder Alaska. Wardens at the site informed that the bears size would increase to 600 lbs before hibernation. For a full 40 minutes, that great big bear splashed in the waters batting fish around and strolled along the shore to pick at the berry bushes. It was quite an experience. I love my necklace, loved reading about how you hand draw the designs and produce steep stamps to make the pieces. The necklace is a reminder of my time with the grizzly at Fish Creek. Thank you for your lovely work and for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

Claire, Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Good morning, I wanted to let you know that I had bought two pieces of your jewellery at the Caribou RV Park in Whitehorse.  They took the time to explain how your product is made and how it is a Yukon artist who creates them.  I am certainly glad I did and I love your jewellery.   I bought these earrings as a gift for a friend.  Thank you for your most beautiful product and I am glad to support you as an artist.  And by the way, you live in the most beautiful place.  I haven't stopped thinking about the Yukon since I left.  I can not wait to go back. :)

Cyndi, Cherry Grove, Alberta, Canada

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your creations! I saw your jewelry on a recent trip to the Yukon, bought some earrings, and am so happy that you have a website to order from. I can't wait to get more items for Christmas presents.   Thank you!

Tammie, New Albany, Ohio, United States

The bracelet arrived today. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with it. The packaging is awesome. The person I got this for will be blown away. I like that it is some delicate. She is a very tiny person, so is perfect. The necklace I purchased earlier for my husband was in honour of our dogs, he never takes it off and it still looks like the day we got it, without a lot of cleaning. You are definitely my go to person for very special presents. Thanks so much!

Donna, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Esther,   I just wanted to let you know that I received my jewellery today and it is beautiful! I love the cases that it came in, as well as, the cards that tell a little story about the design of each piece. Some of the jewellery will be given away as gifts to my friends and I also will keep a piece or two for myself. Thanks for the prompt and personal service. I will be sure to promote your business as I wear my lovely earrings and necklace. I look forward to shopping again with you in the future! Thanks so much!  

Nancy, Jacksonville, New Brunswick, Canada

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