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1. What type of silver do you use?

    We use only the best quality sterling silver with a purity of 92.5% (.925). Pure silver is too soft to be used in jewellery. Pure silver is alloyed with copper (7.5%) to increase durability, without changing the beautiful colour of sterling silver jewellery.

    2. Is your sterling silver nickel-free?

    Although sterling silver is considered hypo-allergenic, our sterling silver jewellery components may contain a trace amount of nickel. We offer nickel-free ear wires for earrings at no extra charge, simply contact us following your order to make the request.

    We include clear rubber safety backs with every pair of ear wires (French hook) earrings we sell. These safety backs keep your earrings where they belong.

    3. How do you recommend storing your jewellery?

    When you are not wearing your silver jewellery, store it away from moisture in a sealed container such as an air tight bag. Ensure the jewellery is dry before storage. This will prevent tarnishing over a long period of time.

    4. Are your products shown to scale?

    We include the measurements of all products for your reference, but for clarity products may not be shown to scale.

    5. Are the Old Tin Roof and Vintage Collection jewellery products exactly as shown in the photos on the website?

    Our jewellery is handcrafted and may vary slightly from one another. Each piece of antique tin is unique which we feel adds to its appeal.

    6. Does the "antique tin" meet with Canadian Health and Safety Standards?

     The "antique tin" has been assayed and test results meet the Government of Canada's Health and Safety Standards.

     7. How are the "antique tin" pieces prepared to be worn as a comfortable piece of jewellery? 

    The "antique tin" is thoroughly washed and then coated with a water-based polyurethane. The "antique tin" pieces are then cut out and all edges are sanded so that the finished jewellery is very smooth and comfortable to wear.

    8. Why was the old log cabin dismantled?

    The old log cabin was leaning precariously and we, the owner's, decided it was unsafe. A close friend of our dismantled the cabin and has saved all of the logs that are in good condition and will be using them along with logs from other dismantled cabins to build a new log cabin in Mayo. Any logs he is unable to use will be used as firewood.

    9. Is the copper used with Old Tin Roof Jewellery coated to prevent oxidization?

    The copper is not coated, we suggest polishing the copper (see copper cleaning tips in #17 below) if you would like to keep it shining and bright, otherwise, we think that it looks very interesting when the copper darkens over time.

    10.  What do the names mean in the Old Tin Roof and Vintage Collection?

    The names chosen for the Old Tin Roof and Vintage Collection pieces are names of actual women who lived in the Mayo area during the early 1900's.  It seemed a beautiful tribute to the pioneer and Indigenous women to name this jewellery in their honour.

    11. What is your return policy?

    We proudly stand behind the quality of our jewellery. Every item made and sold by Winterchild Jewellery is guaranteed.* If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, the jewellery can be returned for an exchange or refund. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

    All returns must be post marked within 60 days of Winterchild Jewellery's shipping date to be eligible. Please enclose a copy of your invoice and ensure that the jewellery is safely wrapped before sending, preferably in the original packaging.

    When returning goods from within Canada, ship by Canada Post (standard letter mail).

    When returning goods from outside Canada, ship by standard surface mail. The outside of the package must be clearly marked "Canadian Goods Returning." Winterchild Jewellery is unable to refund taxes and duties.

    12. What is the currency of prices posted on this website?

    All prices are shown in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

    13. What taxes apply to purchases?

    5% GST is applied at check-out for all orders with Canadian delivery addresses.

    No Canadian taxes are applicable to orders shipped to international delivery addresses (all countries excluding Canada); however, the buyer is responsible for any import taxes, import duties or other incidental charges that may apply to their particular country. We are unable to provide estimates for these fees. Your local customs office will be able to provide more information.

    14. What are the shipping and handling fees?

    Please see our Shipping and Returns page for complete details.

     15. Is it possible to sell your products in my store or gallery?

    Winterchild Jewellery welcomes wholesale customer inquiries. Please see our WHOLESALE section to obtain wholesale order information.

    16. How do you recommend cleaning your jewellery?

    Should the sterling silver tarnish, our polishing pads also do an excellent job of shining up your silver.  Wearing the silver regularly does help to keep it from tarnishing, as well, storing the jewellery in a dry location is very important.  Here's a DIY trick: Toothpaste works very effectively to remove tarninsh.  Using a soft cloth, put a dab onto the jewellery and rub it in until the silver brightens.  Rinse and buff jewellery with a soft cloth to dry and restore the shine, (do not use a paper towel as it can scratch the silver).  

    Should the copper tarnish, our polishing pads also do an excellent job of shining up your copper.  Wearing the copper regularly does help to keep it from tarnishing, as well, storing the jewellery in a dry location is very important.  Here's a DIY Copper polishing trick: Mix 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp of flour with 1 tsp. of vinegar till it becomes a thick paste. Buff the paste onto the copper jewellery until it shines. Rinse and buff to dry off.

    For pewter care, pewter is a soft metal, if scratched rub it with a Scotch Brite Scouring Pad to return the pewter to a blemish free brushed finish.



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