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14 karat gold-fill and sterling silver Sunrise Geometric Earrings.  Dragonfly symbol pictured here.
14 karat gold-fill and sterling silver Sunrise Geometric Necklace.  Dragonfly symbol pictured here.
instructions on choosing symbol for sunrise geometric earrings
arnica symbol
aurora dancing symbol
beaver symbol
buffalo symbol
butterfly symbol
canada goose symbol
caribou symbol
cat paw symbol
dandelion fluff symbol
dog paw symbol
dolphin (pacific white-sided) symbol
dragonfly symbol
eagle symbol
elk symbol
falling star symbol
fireweed symbol
friends symbol
grizzly cub symbol
grizzly paw symbol
horse symbol
hummingbird symbol
husky racing symbol
ladybug symbol
loon symbol
love is in the air symbol
low-bush cranberry symbol
maple keys symbol
maple leaf symbol
midnight sun symbol
moose in the moonlight symbol
mother and child symbol
musk ox symbol
orca symbol
polar bear symbol
raven symbol
sisters symbol
salmon spawning symbol
Sunrise Geometric Earrings
snowflake falling symbol
sweet daughter of mine symbol
wild rose symbol
Sunrise Geometric Earrings
wolf howling symbol

Sunrise Geometric Earrings

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Our Sunrise Geometric Earrings feature both a handmade 14 Karat gold-fill circle(1 cm) and a triangle (0.6 x 0.8 cm) suspended on 3 cm figaro chains. 

These one of a kind earrings have the dangling circle and triangle attached to the earring clutch which goes onto the back of the silver stud earring.  The effect is that the silver stud is viewed on the front side of the earlobe with the dangling circle and triangle hanging behind the earlobe.  Total length is 4.5 cm.

Choose from 44 original symbols.  Handcrafted in Yukon, Canada

"Stunning simplicity....14 karat gold-fill and sterling silver."