Winterchild Silver Jewelry - Symbolic, meaningful sterling silver jewellery from Canada's North.

Canadian Symbols - Symbols Selection

Our original Canadian symbols are available on all of our handcrafted sterling silver, copper, pewter or gold jewellery (necklaces, earrings, and bracelets). Esther Winter, jewellery designer draws each original Winterchild symbol by hand. The symbol is then forged into a hardened steel stamp. Next, the stamp is hammered into the sterling silver, copper, pewter or gold to create an imprint. Final touches include curving the piece and polishing. Handcrafted in the Yukon, Canada.


Reference Scale

Jewellery Reference Scale

Scale shows size of the symbols on a sample 14mm silver disc.

Aurora Dancing Jewelry Symbol on Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

Aurora Dancing

I named this lovely dancer Aurora, she dances to her own rhythm, and in her wake she leaves beauty. Were I the wise woman of an earlier, less-scientific time, I believe this would have been my explanation of the magical Aurora Borealis.

Beaver Silver Jewellery


Beavers are animals I have a lot of respect for. I admire their remarkable work ethic, their ability to actually construct dams and lodges and especially their tightly knit family unit. Im sure youll agree that the seconds between catching sight of a beaver and hearing the sharp slap of its tail on the water is truly delightful!

Canada Goose Symbol on Sterling Silver Jewelry

Canada Goose

The sight and sounds of a flock of Canada Geese flying overhead in their wide heavenly V are such a welcome sight every spring and fall. They truly mark the changing of the seasons for us. I admire their strong family bonds including mating for life and keeping their young with them for an entire year.

As a flock they are perfect examples of how much teamwork can accomplish, during migration flying an astonishing one thousand kilometers a day. This is a truly extraordinary accomplishment and a lesson for us to learn about how very important teamwork is.

Caribou in the Moonlight Symbol on Sterling Silver Jewelry

Caribou in the Moonlight

The image that comes to me when I am thinking about the caribou, is how they are on a seemingly endless journey throughout their lives, never resting long in any specific place. Their journey has them swimming across ice-laden rivers and marching through mountain passes to the vast northern plains of the Yukon. It is a truly admirable journey undertaken by the youngest calf through to the oldest in the herd. What an incredible life to lead.

Grizzly Cub Silver Jewelry

Grizzly Cub

The image of the grizzly cub brings to mind a playful, inquisitive fellow who is so much like we are as children. Grizzly cub's zeal for life is completely captivating. I am inspired to watch, listen, touch and taste as they do, to experiment more, and lose myself in the moment more often.

Grizzly Paw Print Silver Jewelry

Grizzly Paw Print

When coming upon a Grizzly Paw Print we are instantly more aware of our surroundings and our senses become heightened, we quickly assess how old the print is and gauge our actions based on this.

The Grizzly Bear is one of the most admired as well as the most feared of all the animals. The Grizzly Paw Print symbolizes strength, fearlessness and respect for boundaries.

Husky Racing Symbol on Silver Jewellery

Husky Racing

Every winter, Yukoners avidly follow the progress of the dog teams participating in our world famous Yukon Quest. In the Yukon's past, however, the people of the north befriended the husky and relied heavily on it for survival. This image shows the oldest of friendships, the one between humans and dogs.

Inukshuk Symbol on Handcrafted Silver Jewelry


The Inukshuk is a well loved symbol of northern Canada. Built to look like humans the Inukshuk had many purposes, to show directions, to pass on messages or to help with hunting. Pictured here, an Inuit father and son are getting their bearings through observing the Inukshuk. This Inuit statue reminds us of how important it is to lend a hand to each other.

Loon Symbol on Sterling Silver Jewelry


The call of the loon is one of the most familiar sounds to a Canadian's ear. It evokes in me the image of a still, misty lake with a mother loon and her babies following close behind.

Maple Keys Jewellery

Maple Keys

They are the seeds of the majestic maple tree! A great memory I have of maple keys, is watching them peacefully helicopter to the ground through crisp fall days.

They signify the quiet of autumn for me.

Maple Leaf Symbol on Sterling Silver Jewellery

Maple Leaf

Oh Canada! Strong, free, and beautiful. Canada has so many beautiful natural places, oceans, lakes, rivers, islands, mountains, flatlands, how fitting that the beautiful maple leaf, a symbol of nature be chosen to embody Canada on our flag.

Midnight Sun Symbol on Sterling Silver Jewelry

Midnight Sun

In my Yukon community, on the Summer Solstice, most people never get any sleep. With the near 24-hour sun shining, we run marathons or have parties on a nearby mountain top. Truly, we do anything but sleep. With eyes closed and a smile, this image is my conception of the midnight sun. Always present, he must sneak in a few winks whenever he can!

Musk Ox Symbol on Sterling Silver Jewellery

Musk Ox

Musk Ox, protected in their long blankets of fur, are often seen huddled together sheltering one another from harsh arctic winds. With long outer hairs offering protection from the elements and extremely soft under-fur named "qiviuq" acting as insulation, the Musk Ox have adapted beautifully to the arctic climate.

Polar Bear Symbol on Silver Jewellery

Polar Bear

The polar bear, the most beloved symbol of the Canadian north because of its strength, intelligence and beauty.

Snowflake Falling Symbol on Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

Snowflake Falling

The fact that each snowflake is unique caused me to create this special image. On winter days when you can make out the individual shapes of snowflake a sense of amazement always comes to me. If you look very closely, the Winterchild is in the snowflake's center, she represents the individual spirit of each snowflake as it falls to earth.

Wild Rose Symbol on Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

Wild Rose

The wild rose grows in abundance in the summertime, its flower varying from the palest of pink to a deep fuscia. In winter the red rosehips add beautiful contrasts to the whiteness of the snow. The wild rose adds so much color and beauty to our surroundings, and we can only respond with heartfelt admiration.

Windswept Pine Jewellery

Windswept Pine

Having been transformed by the winds off the Great Lakes, each windswept pine stands out in the landscape, it's imperfection and perseverance capturing our admiration.

Wolf Symbol on Sterling Silver Jewelry


One winter afternoon I caught sight of a lone wolf while driving. Slowing to a halt, I watched him walking in the snow, he stopped and looked directly at me before going on at the same pace. The pure confidence in his gaze made me fully understand why the wolf is so loved and respected.

Wooly Mammoth Symbol on Silver Jewellery

Wooly Mammoth

The wooly mammoth was a remarkable animal, key to it's survival was it's ability to adapt to the intense cold of the Ice Age. It is thought that the warming of the climate caused their extinction. Today they are fondly remembered as an outstanding symbol of the prehistoric north.

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