Handmade Gold Nugget Jewellery
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The gold nuggets used in this one of a kind jewellery are from Owl Creek which drains into Mayo Lake, Yukon. Each natural gold nugget has been hand-stamped by Yukon jewellery designer, Esther Winter. Her artwork joins together meaningful symbolism with a simply beautiful piece of Canada. The photos above are samples only.

Necklaces may be purchased as Pendants alone (price based on weight) or with a 10 Karat 18" Curb Chain ($150 CAD).

Earrings come with 14 karat French Ear-wires. Nuggets chosen for earring sets are unique and will be similar but not exactly alike.

For more information please contact us at winter@winterchildjewellery.ca

Things to include in e-mail:

  1. What type of jewellery, necklace (pendant and chain), pendant, or earrings.
  2. Symbol that you are interested in.
  3. Name and Phone Number

We will respond as quickly as possible.

Gold Nugget jewellery is available in Canada only.

Our Gold Nugget jewellery is custom made and are therefore not eligible for refund.

Esther Winter, jewellery designer draws each original Winterchild symbol by hand. The symbol is then forged into a hardened steel stamp. Next, the stamp is hammered into the Gold Nugget to create an imprint. Handcrafted in the Yukon, Canada.

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