Winterchild Silver Jewelry - Symbolic, meaningful sterling silver jewellery from Canada's North.

Flora & Fauna - Symbol Selection

Our original flora and fauna symbols include flowers and berries. They are available on all of our handcrafted sterling silver, copper, pewter or gold jewellery (necklaces, earrings, and bracelets). Esther Winter, jewellery designer draws each original Winterchild symbol by hand. The symbol is then forged into a hardened steel stamp. Next, the stamp is hammered into the sterling silver, copper, pewter or gold to create an imprint. Final touches include curving the piece and polishing. Handcrafted in the Yukon, Canada.


Reference Scale

Jewellery Reference Scale

Scale shows size of the symbols on a sample 14mm silver disc.

Arnica (Northern Daisy) Jewelry Symbol on Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

Arnica (Northern Daisy)

These cheerful yellow daisies stand tall and proud and can be found growing on the gravelly roadside banks. In our very short Yukon summers the first arnicas to arrive bring an instant smile to my soul. They are my favourite flower.

Dandelion Fluff Jewellery

Dandelion Fluff

What child hasn't delighted in making a wish and blowing the fluff from a dandelion on a lazy summer afternoon?

The symbol of the dandelion fluff lazily floating in the air captures this feeling of endless possibility. We are reminded to slow down and enjoy living in the moment.

Fireweed Symbol on Sterling Silver Jewelry


The long, graceful fireweed is the Cinderella of the flowers. Where there is only charred wood from a past forest fire, the fireweed, as if by a wave of a wand covers this cheerless scene in a fuchsia blanket and we can then see beauty where before we could not.

Low-bush Cranberry Symbol on Silver Jewellery

Low-bush Cranberry

Every fall the women around Mayo can be heard discussing the state of the cranberries. With bear spray in hand, and, usually a dog or two we spread out all across the Stewart River Valley to favourite berry patches and gather in our cranberries for winter. It is such a special time.

Note: A single low-bush cranberry symbol appears on drop earrings, square earrings, and square necklaces.

Maple Keys Jewellery

Maple Keys

They are the seeds of the majestic maple tree! A great memory I have of maple keys, is watching them peacefully helicopter to the ground through crisp fall days.

They signify the quiet of autumn for me.

Maple Leaf Sterling Silver Jewellery

Maple Leaf

Oh Canada! Strong, free, and beautiful. Canada has so many beautiful natural places, oceans, lakes, rivers, islands, mountains, flatlands, how fitting that the beautiful maple leaf, a symbol of nature be chosen to embody Canada on our flag.

Wild Rose Symbol on Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

Wild Rose

The wild rose grows in abundance in the summertime, its flower varying from the palest of pink to a deep fuscia. In winter the red rosehips add beautiful contrasts to the whiteness of the snow. The wild rose adds so much color and beauty to our surroundings, and we can only respond with heartfelt admiration.

Windswept Pine Jewellery

Windswept Pine

Having been transformed by the winds off the Great Lakes, each windswept pine stands out in the landscape, it's imperfection and perseverance capturing our admiration.