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Cord Necklace

Cord Necklace - Sterling Silver Jewelry

Our Cord Necklace features a handmade 1.25 cm sterling silver disk framed by high quality Japanese "E" beads on a waxed cotton cord with an adjustable sliding knot.

Choose from 46 original symbols. A 2.5" chain extender is optionally available. Handcrafted in the Yukon, Canada.

Our Price: $22.00 CDN

Symbol Detail

Bead Colours



Bead Colours:

Bead Colours

Handmade Disk Earrings & Cord Necklace Sterling Silver Jewelry Set

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Jewellery Presentation:

Each piece of sterling silver is displayed on a jewellery card. On the card front is a drawing of the specific symbol and on the card back is the meaning of the symbol. Inside each card is the artist background, creative process, and care instructions.

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